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Fabric slitting machine slitting machine

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technical parameter:

1: Frequency conversion speed regulation;

2: Automatic/means tension control, (customer choice)

3: The air shaft is unfolded, and the double air shaft is rolled up;

4: Air pressure rolling

5: The surface of the drum is all chrome-plated,

It can keep the gauze roll clear;

6: Use a safety chuck to fix it when unfolding;

7: Including 20 cutting knives (local Chinese)

8: The control system is an electromagnetic clutch;

9: Our slitting machine can calculate the length,

The length cannot be pre-determined, because the speed is fast;

10: Air consumption: 8 air pressure;

11: Feed roller width: 0---1.46m

12: Feed roller diameter: 0--1m

13: Output roller diameter: 0--1m

14: Core diameter: 76mm

15: Power supply: 3-phase, 380 voltage, 50HZ,

Motor power: 2.2kw with reducer;

Inverter power: 3kw

16: Production speed: 0-100m/min

17: The maximum width of slitting gauze roll: 146cm, the narrowest width of slitting: 5cm

18: Machine size (after fixing): length 2m*width 1.8m*height: 1.9m

Machine weight: 700kgs

19: Delivery date: 30 days

 PS: We can change the gauze rolls according to customer's requirements;

For example: 90cm/120cm/160cm/180cm/220cm, etc.;

For kinfe, we can change the knife, for example:

Butterfly knife and pneumatic knife;


Application and characteristics of slitting machine

The slitting and rewinding machine is widely used for slitting various plastic films, paper, cellophane, aluminum foil, non-woven fabrics and other roll materials with excellent performance. Such as photoelectric tracking, automatic deviation correction, tension control, winding count, meter stop, etc. Last but not least, it adopts computer control, automatic cutting, reasonable structure, complete functions, simple operation, stable and reliable operation.

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